Whilst doing research for artists to include within my report, I found this website that I ended up not using for my research, but I thought would be useful to include within my blog to refer back to later on. The website offers a wide range of resources for scenic painters, those looking to get into the industry and for clients searching for scenic and effect painters in their area.

The areas of reference and resources they provide are:

– Scenic painting courses

– Scenic painters directory (where you can search for a painter by location in and outside of the UK, as well as providing the option to add yourself if you work within the industry, this could be useful for when I am trying to make contacts in the future)

– A list of suppliers

– Discounts

– Finding work (including where to look, writing a CV, portfolios and interviews and talking to clients)

Reading the information on this website has really helped me with gain knowledge about how to actually get work within the industry and I will definitely be referring back to the information and self-listing option on the website in the future when I am looking for a job, work experience and to help get noticed as an artist.