Work Experience – ITV

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to take part in a weeks work experience within the art department of a new ITV series ‘Beowulf’ based on the Anglo Saxon poem. During the week we got to meet many members of the Art Department including the painters, sculptors, carpenters, set dresser and the Production Designer Grant Montgomory.

We were especially involved with helping one of the painters, aging and distressing pieces of furniture (tables, chairs, benches etc.) so age the wood from a light colour to a much older, darker looking wood. These were then weathered further by the painter himself to make them appears as though they had been outside for long periods of time. By watching him do this I learnt a lot about aging and distressing techniques which really interested me. Although I had briefly researched some artists who have been involved in aging and distressing, this made me want to research it further as it something I would consider doing as a career.

As a group we were also given the responsibility of creating a large set decoration piece for one of the indoor scenes, which was really interesting as we were given initial direction and them left and trusted to create the final piece. Although we did not get the whole finished thing due to our week ending and the scale of the item, we were praised for the finish and appearance by both the set dresser and production designer.

The week after, we were invited to visit the outdoor set (we had previously been working where the indoor sets were being built and later filmed) which was incredible to see due to the sheer size and scale. Some of the indoor sets also made more sense when we had seen this set. As well as this we got to see where some of our painted objects were being used and this was exciting as I could picture the final set.

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to share too much information or any images of what we did due to ITV and the creators wanting to keep the details a secret, however I have included some links to more information on the show itself.

This link also has an image of the beginnings of the outdoor set that we visited.