The Importance of Being Earnest – Set

For my Specialist Techniques module that I recently completed, I had to design the set, costumes and various props for all 3 acts within the play. One of my favourite parts of the design process was the set element. I knew that I wanted to use the idea/theme of painting frames within my design as the painted landscapes and portraits (and therefore the frames) were such an important element of many of the upper classes lives – due to the paintings showing family members and therefore their history. I took this idea and designed frames to encase elements of the described set in a semi-abstract order, so that everything was shown on an imagined ‘wall’ but within the frames and the ‘paintings’.

My Act 1 set design

I also wanted to create a model version of my set, I used the skills I had learnt about Illustrator and the laser cutter from my Palladian window experiment to design and cut out the various frame and furniture pieces. I created layers so I could paint them individually and – when stuck together – they would become more ‘3D’ in appearance. I then photographed the final set pieces within out theatre model box. I had to attach the frames to a back-piece, but if built for real life theatre production they would be hung from tabs. (I only made my Act 1 design).

My Act 1 set model

My Act 1 set model 2

My Act 1 set model detail

My Act 1 set model detail 2