Nothing – the cardboard office

  I came across this company ‘Nothing’ and their unusual office design on the Create Review website, and found their combination of construction and design interesting and ingenuitive. The companies idea of taking nothing and turning it into something is not just applied to their design work, but also to their working environment. Designers  Joost van Bleiswijk and Alrik Koudenburg decided to do something different by taking the everyday object, cardboard (nothing) and using it to build their office space, desks, tables, shelves and even stairs (turning it into something). Not only were they being clever in terms of design materials and space, the cardboard office also doubles up as a blank space for ideas and a place for clients to leave their own drawings and ‘mark’ on the company.

nothing - the cardboard office

This idea is also interesting in terms of recycling and upcyling materials for sustainable offices and working spaces, its unusual and I like it. This idea could be adapted by a production or set designer for a temporary theatre stage, or for a collapsible set…

nothing - the cardboard office 2

nothing - the cardboard office 3

nothing - the cardboard office 4