Visual Communication – Technical Drawing

This is some more of the work I produced for ‘Visual communication’ when we started to look more at perspective and the use of technical drawing, rather than simply sketching and observation work. I enjoyed perspective drawing as it allowed me to be very precise with angles and measurements, which I enjoy doing and I think my drawing skills started to improve as this project section continued.

perspective street viewwhole building perspective

path perspective

We also completed a section of technical drawing – specifically isometric and axonometric drawing – where we had to learn to use the large set squares and the drawing boards to create accurate drawings. I found this type of drawing challenging at first as it was difficult to understand the angles, however after some practice I began to feel more confident with it and I now feel like I understand how to complete this type of drawing. I can also see how it would be very useful when drafting plans for theatres, sets and other designs.

isometric drawing

technical room plan

axonometric drawing