Caricatures – Facial Details

When we moved away from technical drawing within ‘Visual communication’ we began to look at a section about caricatures. To start this we did live observation work of facial features and the details of the face, mainly by drawing other people in the class! Before we started to alter the face to create interesting caricatures, we had to make sure we had accurate drawings of the face to learn from. I enjoy drawing facial details as I think they are very interesting, due to the fact that everyone’s face is different andhis makes for interesting observation work. I especially like drawing noses!

ear observation    nose observation    eye observation in pen    eye observation in pencil

I also drew the facial features when they were in movement or contorted slightly, so that I got used to drawing different shapes within the face when it is changed with movement and expression – as expression is an important factor when creating caricatures.

closed hand observation    nose movement observation    mouth movement    nose movement

From these observations, we then started to sculpt the details from clay, this showed me the importance of making my observation drawings accurate and including dimensions within the drawing – instead of a flat side view for example. I enjoyed using the clay as you could sculpt and re-sculpt a feature as many times as you wanted to make it correct and accurate. I would like to try this more before creating the final caricature head (which will also be made out of clay) so I feel confident enough creating the final piece.

clay ear    clay ear 2    clay nose     clay eye