Who’s who

In my last professional studies session, we discussed the various roles within the theatre industry – both those involved in the part of the production seen by the audience, as well as those working backstage – so I have decided to put a list together of some of the different roles that are needed to put a show together.

  • Producer – they organise and manage the production team, as well as supervise the show as a whole
  • Director – works mainly with the cast to decide what is seen on stage. They are also sometimes the set or prop designers (Matthew Borne is an example of these roles merging)
  • Stage manager – the director of the backstage crew
  • Assistant stage manager – often organises things like props or runners backstage to help with cues and organisation
  • Musical director – is in charge of the sound and singing etc. used within the show
  • Choreographer – (sometimes also the director) designs the dance and movement elements within a show
  • Writers – draft and edit the script used for a show
  • Designers – for the visual elements of the stage, props, costume, set and lighting. They can also double up roles to become a designer for several sections or whilst being a director, choreographer etc.
  • Wardrobe supervisor – responsible for the costumes and wearable props (such as wigs) used in a performance
  • Followspots, Light board operator, Rigger etc. – these are examples of jobs within the ‘crew’ who work backstage but help produce visual elements of additions to a show
  • Front of house – sell tickets, programmes and welcome people to the theatre… usually employed by the theatre rather than the production company
  • Publicity – help promote the show through posters and advertising as well as social media