Hello there

Hello! Thank you very much for visiting my blog which is part of my University degree course ‘Production Design for Stage and Screen’ which I am currently studying at Cleveland College of Art and Design. This blog is mainly for the Professional Studies section of my course where we look into the Entertainment industry and the aspects of a job in this sector. Here, I will be posting research into the industry, the artists and designers who work within it, as well as any other information or things that interest me within the same subject area.

So, before we start I will tell you a little bit about myself!

  • My name is Molly Watson
  • going to University was a big decision for me as it meant moving away from home
  • (But I’m so glad I did, as I’m having an amazing time)
  • I’m a musical theatre lover
  • I don’t have a favourite show, but some of the best ones I have seen are ‘Wicked’, ‘The Book of Mormon’, ‘Les Mis’ and ‘Matilda’
  • I would love to work in the West End, or on a TV show such as ‘Downton Abbey’ or ‘Game of Thrones’ as I think the design for the set and costumes etc. are just incredible
  • I also like the idea of working on a concert tour or festival, creating a different form of show
  • I enjoy photography as well as making more 3D components
  • I like walking round art galleries, new exhibitions and old houses
  • I love tea
  • and cake…

And now – as I am really useless when it comes to talking about myself – I will leave it here, so please feel free to view the rest of my posts. I hope the research is informative and interesting, as I want to find out as much about the Entertainment industry as possible whilst beginning my studies that will hopefully lead me to my own job within it.

Also, if you would like to contact me please click here! Thank you and goodbye for now 🙂